Who are we?

We are producers of modern industrial fans.

What do we do?

We provide a complex service to our customers - we select appropriate products, we design, manufacture, assemble, support launching and provide maintenance services.

What is our goal?

We want to keep producing reliable fans and take care of environmental friendly energy efficiency.

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  • We manufacture modern industrial fans.
  • We offer radial and axial fans.
  • We have been with our customers for over 75 years.
  • We guarantee professional advice and service.
  • Together with our customers we care for the energy efficiency.
  • We increase comfort and safety at work.
  • We supply our products to many sectors of industry as well as to individual customers.
  • Customers in Poland and abroad have placed their trust in us.

OWENT Fans Factory offers modern industrial fans, made according to the highest standards based on the applicable regulations. Our experienced staff, including qualified engineers, meet our customers’ expectations.

Our offer includes radial and axial fans, which are essential elements of numerous installations. Their high reliability is fundamental for the smooth and efficient production and proper functioning of facilities. Our fans increase the comfort and safety of work, filter out dust and other impurities. Together with our customers we care about protecting the environment and saving energy – our specialists, after taking the measurements, can also offer the modernization of the fans already owned by our customers, which will bring them significant savings.

We have been in operation for over 75 years. During this time we have gained a lot of experience, we are constantly improving our products and above all we are constantly winning new customers. Those who have trusted us, have been with us for years. We are glad that the group of our customers is constantly growing. We work for various sectors of the economy.